tugas ke 2 bahasa inggris bisnis 2

Some people say that computers have made life easier and convenient, other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful.

In these days when one does not understand computers practically obsolete, everyone in demand to understand and use the computer. Because the computer is a tool to simplify and accelerate the process work. Everyone has a different alesan when they were asked about what makes a job functions such as computers, as a communication tool, as a tool for entertainment.

With many computer jobs can be completed with ease, if the first letter must be typed with the typewriter, and if there is an error in the paper will tear and re-type back, but that with the typewriter typed document that can not be edit again, while using our computers to type documents, edit and save the document to be edited repeatedly.

But of all the positive things that can be obtained from the computer, many of the negative side that caused by a user’s computer, with the computer as a tool of entertainment facilities such as chat and games, people are complacent that they are oblivious to their duties and responsibilities jawap, such as study, work etc.. By accessing situs2 showing pornographic images and videos can ruin a person’s character. Lots going on with these scams making website to earn money easily. Programmers known as hackers, who can retrieve the data one to be traded, and can damage the system.

In addition to communication, Easing employment, and entertainment equipment, computers can also be used as a tool to do a lot of business that bring in revenue for us, with our computers can view or obtain the information we need, but all of it is good and bad depending on the computer functions wearer, and I believe that computers made not to make things worse, but to help people in all areas of the job easier.


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