Tugas 1 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? grades (marks) encourage student to learn use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion


I agree if the value is to encourage students to learn due to the value of the school to encourage students to get good grades by learning and students will absorb and understand the material better. Educational success or failure will depend on the student learning experience, both when he was in school and home environments or her own family.

Some people think learning is simply collect or memorize facts presented in the form of the subject matter and to get good grades in school. People who think so normally would soon feel proud when it has been able to verbally reiterating. There is also a view of learning as mere training as seen in training to read, write, and count. In fact we learned that in order to understand what we learn. The learning process needs to be understood by educators in order to carry out various forms of action or assistance to students.

In the role of teaching and learning activities both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is needed. With motivation, students can develop activities and initiatives, can lead perseverance in learning activities. In growing and motivating for students’ learning activities. Improper motivation can undermine the development of student learning.

There are also students who are studying to achieve a good value or grade. So students just chasing test scores or values on the report. For the students the value of a good is a strong motivation. Some students learn only after the principal grade only. It shows the motivation it when compared with students who want good value. However, it must be remembered by the teacher that the achievement of such figures were not the result of true learning.

The value of encouraging students to learn because students feel rivals or competition with other students as a motivational tool to encourage student learning. Competition, both individual and group can improve student achievement.

Growing awareness of the students to feel the importance of the task and accept it as a challenge so working hard is as a form of motivation is important. Students will try the best to achieve good performance by keeping the value in school. Completion of a job well done is a symbol of students to get good grades.


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